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by Tremorland Music

UNDERCURRENTS is a collection of fifteen modern tension and underscore soundscapes that are perfect for suspenseful and investigative scenes - ranging from expository to dramatic qualities. Tremorland Music is proud to host works by Chris Hellstrom, Juliet Lyons, Bartosch McCarthy and John Cimino, all of whom are amazing composers and who were instrumental in creating this mesmerizing and engaging sonic experience.

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Hi Flyers

by Tremorland Music

Need to make your visuals shine with that high-end sparkle and draw the viewer in on a gut level? All the twelve musical tracks on Tremorland Music's HI FLYERS are designed to deliver that emotional wow factor, that which high end advertising clients expect for their brand and product presentations. "Seeing is Believing" will make a car commercial move, "Swag You Fresh" will make the viewer of the extra exclusive makeup clip want to get off the couch and shake a leg, "Wavebending" is the perfect throwback to 80’s posh, “Future Dreams'“ will give your product wings to carry it through the stratosphere… We are proud of our HI FLYERS album of music defined by evolving sonics and compelling musical textures.

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Alien Guitar Worlds

by Hans Fahling & Chris Hellstrom

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***SWAY INTO OBLIVION imagine the heavy, lethargic beast rising from the depths of its apocalyptic nightmares, summoning the strength and anger that the ultra molassic, low-bending guitar riffs just might inspire***INFILTRATION they appear from within, under your skin, slowly growing the feelings of alien infiltration, finally erupting as a fully grown threat***ALIEN INQUISITION massive, uplifting orchestral swells meet Pink Floyd and Marilyn Manson with Trent Reznor riding shotgun. Thunderous percussion and cutting edge sound design propel the listener into an epic space battle***MUTANT BREED a creepy landscape of glitches and haze is permeated by tap-delayed guitar textures before hinting at and arriving at absolute mayhem of aggressive and angry guitars***TREMORLAND the ground moves, it tremors, as if it was afraid of what lies beneath. A low-rumbling grand piano is joined by agitated guitar in establishing a world of uncertainty causing frantic staccato string sections and brass swells to scramble like skittish herds of life stock.***RISE a drone, low piano notes reinforced by heavy bass strings slowly grow in intensity and reflecting the furor of the invading alien civilization***SHADOW RUN a gentle, but haunting, classical guitar theme trades off with aggressive, hardcore electric guitars in a sea of symphonic mayhem. Great for the perfect storm approaching and hitting hard***METAL TRAILER PARK heavy percussion hits, moving strings, massive uplifting orchestral swells and heavy rhythm guitars conjure up an air of Hans Zimmer and Howard Shore… perfect for a suspenseful drama***ADAPTING TO EARTH introspective piano splotches set the stage for a mollassic, highly textured ambience, leading to a pulsing swamp of thick sound design***SUPERSONIC REDUX guitars and piano gang up on establishing a sinister feel with a low-lying unison line that leads to the imminent threat of in-your-face orchestral percussion hits and a great build on the path to final destruction***MISGUIDED INSTINCTS like the pulsing of a vile artery within an evil murderer, gurgling sound design sets the stage for guitar ostinatos, leading into hardcore carnage the way a David Fincher flick’s opening scene leads to the inevitable***THE VANISHING the brooding insides of a mind at a loss of words, brutal reality hits the listener in shape of massive guitars, percussion and SFX sound design***AWAKENING BEAST the title says it all, just add sound design that cuts through hardcore guitar riffs, and the creature comes alive***



by Tremorland Music

***Two Mics for Two Months*** Those mics were never moved during that time for tracking guitars, fiddles, mandolins, guitar-cajons, jaw harps, hand drums and other percussion nuggets. It all blends perfectly and this setup produced a laid-back, front porch style athmosphere with a lot of great players, fingerpickers, flat-pickers, fiddlers and jaw-harpers swinging by. Some of these pieces were improvised on the spot and just slightly added to in order to make it onto ROOFTOP SESSIONS. Others benefited from a bit more premeditation but every piece carries the overall sound of a relaxed, musical get together. Please enjoy works by Girish Varma, Gabriel Smith, Chris Hellstrom and Hans Fahling.

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Pizzicato Bliss

by Tremorland Music

Composers Alan Ward, Bartosch McCarthy, Chris Chorney, and Hans Fahling bring it on for the last Tremorland album of 2018 - a collection of thirteen fun tracks.

PIZZICATO BLISS shines with delightful and engaging string textures and fun, melodic themes. Like the icing on a cake, this music will add sparkle to any visual delight.

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Angelic Voices

With an early beginning in Berlin in 2007, when Nathalie Claude and Hans Fahling recorded tons and tons of vocal work over minimalist backdrops, the two set out to produce a very different, vocal-centered concept album. Initially planned as a wellness/relaxation album, the innate cinematic qualities of the music urged the composers to morph early incarnations into a score for Thomas Adamicka’s TV production “Unsere Grenzen”.

With the advent of Tremorland’s production music albums, the stage was finally set for this material to be fully produced and compiled with works by Juliet Lyons and Megan Aho Heronemus to create a sonically stunning vocal experience in ANGELIC VOICES. Juliet contributed four pieces, two of which were co-written and co-produced with composer Chris Hellstrom. Megan’s vocal work can be heard on three pieces, produced by Hans Fahling. ANGELIC VOICES will stun the listener with its ethereal beauty and, for the viewer, will set the stage for bliss, drama and suspense.

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Acoustic Delights

by Tremorland Music

A fun, fourteen title, collection of acoustic goodies, from loads of stringed instruments to mallets, piano and glockenspiel and even clarinets and mandolins. Fool proof recipes for advertising music.

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This instrumental collection, consisting of twelve titles, can be described as containing "... works that are evocative and introspective, but uplifting, with interesting and different instrumentation, perfect for advertising, drama and podcasts..." The Tremorland team is proud to be able to feature work by Bartosch McCarthy, Andy Gabrys, Martin Kirkhaug, Chris Chorney and Hans Fahling. The project has really turned into an international affair as this roster of composers represents talents from Norway, Canada, Germany and the USA. The album's instrumentation reflects dreams of Americana, South America, The Far East - while always pertaining to the collective goal of conjuring up cinematic visions, just perfect for storytelling. Many thanks to the collaborating composers for their amazing work for this album!
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The Groovees

by The Groovees

The Tremorland team is glad to welcome THE GROOVEES to our fold. It's exciting to listen to these vintage 60's sounding - and, true to form, recorded on 60's style analog equipment - songs. These are songs that upon first listen we all swear we've heard before. But they are all brand new and original, delivered with top-notch lead and choral vocals so loved from the familiar 60's sounds of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Doors, The Animals... the list could go on and on. THE GROOVEES really have nailed this and deliver an album of true gems and solid hooks. The band's work is primarily driven by Christopher Chorney and Edward Miranti.

Christopher Chorney is a classical cellist, singer, and recording artist.  His recent work with Kanye West and Jay-Z earned him two platinum records for "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" and "Watch The Throne" on which he arranged and performed all of the cello accompaniment.  Christopher is also a veteran of the Hawaii music scene.  He has performed with the Hawai'i Symphony Orchestra.  He is the founder and chief engineer of Analog Rock Machine Studios (ARMS), an all-analog recording studio in downtown Honolulu that features vintage reel-to-reel production.

Edward Miranti is a singer/songwriter living in New York City. He has collaborated on many projects with Hawaii-based rock band The Groovees.

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