'UNDERCURRENTS' launched to industry

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Tremorland Music is proud to host works by Chris Hellstrom, Juliet Lyons, Bartosch McCarthy and John Cimino, all of whom are amazing composers and who were instrumental in creating this mesmerizing and engaging sonic experience.

UNDERCURRENTS is a collection of fifteen modern tension and underscore soundscapes that are perfect for suspenseful and investigative scenes - ranging from expository to dramatic qualities.

To listen to all 15 titles of this album and to license music from UNDERCURRENTS, enter music library here.

New album 'ANGELIC VOICES' released to industry

The Tremorland team is extremely excited to announce a collaboration with three extraordinary vocal artists. Nathalie Claude, Juliet Lyons and Megan Aho Heronemus have made our newest album, ANGELIC VOICES, a truly spiritual and captivating experience.


With an early beginning in Berlin in 2007, when Nathalie Claude and Hans Fahling recorded tons and tons of vocal work over minimalist backdrops, the two set out to produce a very different, vocal-centered concept album. Initially planned as a wellness/relaxation album, the innate cinematic qualities of the music urged the composers to morph early incarnations into a score for Thomas Adamicka’s TV production “Unsere Grenzen”.

With the advent of Tremorland’s production music albums, the stage was finally set for this material to be fully produced and compiled along with works by Juliet Lyons and Megan Aho Heronemus to create a sonically stunning vocal experience in ANGELIC VOICES. Juliet contributed four pieces, two of which were co-written and co-produced with composer Chris Hellstrom. Megan’s vocal work can be heard on three pieces, produced by Hans Fahling. ANGELIC VOICES will stun the listener with its ethereal beauty and, for the viewer, will set the stage for bliss, drama and suspense.

To license music from this album, enter music library here. Listen to snapshots here.


Big News! TREMORLAND recently signed a co-publishing agreement with FLAVORLAB Producer's Toolbox and is very excited to become a sub-label of the NYC-based music library. FLAVORLAB is an award-winning media company that aims to deliver emotional audio experiences. Its publishing division has worked with brands such as Viacom, Jo Malone, VICE, MAC Cosmetics and more. TREMORLAND will remain self-contained but now has the benefits of joining a much larger publishing entity.


Publishing Partners

Tremorland becomes sub-label of NYC based music library FLAVORLAB Producer's Toolbox.

The partnership includes access to Flavorlab's vast catalog of production music gems, should the need for music by a visual production require something other than/more than what can be found in the Tremorland catalog. It also includes support from their team of music supervisors who will pitch TREMORLAND’s tracks for new placement opportunities. We, at TREMORLAND, are excited to be part of this offering now - a growing, new addition to something huge. 

Tremorland releases new album to industry: ACOUSTIC DELIGHTS

Composers Martin Kirkhaug, Bartosch McCarthy, Rogerio Maudonnet, Chris Chorney, Gabriel Smith, Alan Ward and Hans Fahling pitch in for an exhilarating, up-beat set of advertising music. It's a fun collection of acoustic goodies, from loads of stringed instruments to mallets, piano, cello and glockenspiel and even clarinets and mandolins. Fool proof recipes for advertising music. Check out a preview!

ACOUSTIC DELIGHTS industry album

Composer Close-Up: Andy Gabrys

It's been a real pleasure to have Andy Gabrys join us in the trenches at Tremorland. His work adds a lot of depth and intimacy of sound. MORRO makes you want to crawl into its dimension of sonic bliss - it is so well recorded and sculpted, making one feel like we are standing with friends. In MORRO, nylon string lead and rhythm guitars are underpinned by cajon, acoustic bass and enhanced with ambient piano textures and pitched percussion. The track takes us, like a Mariachi in the court yard, somewhere between Mexico and Middle America; and, maybe, a bit towards Sicily as the melodic development definitely hints at Ennio Morricone's melodic sensibilities. MORRO can be found on Tremorland's REFLECTIONS album and licensed here.

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Gabrys is a full-time composer for TV and film.

An alumnus of Berklee College of Music, he has performed live across the US and Canada, on land and on sea, and currently lives in Summerland, BC with his family. 

His music has been broadcast in hundreds of episodes of more than 100 TV programs in over 30 countries. Placements have included E! Keeping Up With the Kardashians, HBO Vice, MTV Catfish, FOX Masterchef, NFL Thursday Night Football, HISTORY Pawn Stars and CBS NCAA Men Of March. 


Andy has written custom music appearing in commercials for Dell, Galbani, Oakley, Claro, Taco Bell, and McDonalds, and has been a composer for more than 15 independently produced films. 

Composer Close-Up: Bartosch McCarthy

It's been a real treat to collaborate with Bartosch McCarthy on one of the first Tremorland albums, REFLECTIONS. Bartosch really brought an introspective quality to the album pitch. Very thoughtful use of instrumentation and a long-distance collaboration with Hawaii-based cellist, Chris Chorney, has made his contributions of three wonderful compositions very valuable for this Tremorland album. 

While working on recording Chris' cello work for our co-written compositions, Bartosch hit me up about possibly recording a lead cello part for the last track, LALE, that he was writing for REFLECTIONS. So, while setting up for a cello session, I printed Bartosch's LALE cello part and had Chris read it off the page - two-take wonder. It came out beautifully, just a spectacular piece.

But the other two pieces are just as strong and unique. The instrumentation on ALEMON - with charango, piano, acoustic guitar, violin, cello, chamber strings, bandoneon, percussion - speaks for itself. But don't expect a typical, world-music palette. And PORTO might just bring to mind scenes like the following:"...driving there through the city streets of Madrid on a rainy day and you find yourself wondering why life can be so complicated but be so rewarding. You reflect about the struggles and joys that have brought meaning to your life and wonder what the rest of your life's journey will be...".


As an award-winning



Bartosch McCarthy is based in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. His work contains scores for different media (short film, video game, trailer, etc.) and has been performed and recorded in various facilities, including Abbey Road, Alvernia Studios, The Bridge Recording, and the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music, as well as at the Clio Entertainment Awards show in Los Angeles.


Bartosch’s music began receiving international recognition in 2015/16, when he received the West One Music Group “Young Composer Award” 2016, and was the runner-up in several international composition competitions. He was also selected to be one of five participants in the film music orchestration masterclass “Das Orchester” at the “Filmmusiktage Sachsen-Anhalt” in Germany, where he recorded his work with the Philharmonic State Orchestra Halle.


- HF

Composer Close-UP: Martin Kirkhaug

At Tremorland, we are very excited to have Martin contribute his amazing work to our catalog. AFTERTHOUGHTS and UNFORGETTABLE can be found on our latest industry album, REFLECTIONS.

Martin Kirkhaug works from his studio in a nice and quiet environment, in the Norwegian woods not far from Oslo.

Martin Kirkhaug works from his studio in a nice and quiet environment, in the Norwegian woods not far from Oslo.

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Norwegian Tranquility


Both titles show Martin's strong background in orchestration but both, at the same time, nod at the album's aim to provide a more reflective, less bombastic, emotional effect for our clients' visual and interactive productions. His piano work is just beautiful and becomes the center of attention in both AFTERTHOUGHTS and UNFORGETTABLE.

With symphonic, orchestral music as a main focus, Martin also excels at a wide variety of genres and styles of production music such as minimalistic piano/strings, epic trailer, disco/dance, marching band and Rock'n'Roll.

New Album REFLECTIONS Released to Industry

Tremorland reased their newest album, REFLECTIONS, to the industry today. This instrumental collection


can be described as containing "... works that are evocative and introspective, but uplifting, with interesting and different instrumentation, perfect for advertising, drama and podcasts..." The Tremorland team is proud to be able to feature work by Bartosch McCarthy, Andy Gabrys, Martin Kirkhaug, Chris Chorney and Hans Fahling. The project has really turned into an international affair as this roster of composers represents talents from Norway, Canada, Germany and the USA. The album's instrumentation reflects dreams of Americana, South America, The Far East - while always pertaining to the collective goal of conjuring up cinematic visions, just perfect for storytelling. Many thanks to the collaborating composers for their amazing work for this album! Listen to REFLECTIONS here!

New Artist/album in catalog: THE GROOVEES

The Tremorland team is glad to welcome THE GROOVEES to our fold. It's exciting to listen to these vintage 60's sounding - and, true to form, recorded on 60's style analog equipment - songs. These are songs that upon first listen we all swear we've heard before. But they are all brand new and original, delivered with top-notch lead and choral vocals so loved from the familiar 60's sounds of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Doors, The Animals...


British Invasion?

... From Hawaii!

... the list could go on and on. THE GROOVEES really have nailed this and deliver an album of true gems and solid hooks. The band's work is primarily driven by Christopher Chorney and Edward Miranti. Take a listen here!
Christopher Chorney is a classical cellist, singer, and recording artist.  His recent work with Kanye West and Jay-Z earned him two platinum records for "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" and "Watch The Throne" on which he arranged and performed all of the cello accompaniment. Edward Miranti is a singer/songwriter living in New York City. Read more about THE GROOVEES here!

TREMORLAND at the production music conference (pmc)

What a great event in October. Met so many great folk, big and small, all very talented, connected, dedicated... we were glad to have made it to Hollywood. Stay tuned!