New album 'ANGELIC VOICES' released to industry

The Tremorland team is extremely excited to announce a collaboration with three extraordinary vocal artists. Nathalie Claude, Juliet Lyons and Megan Aho Heronemus have made our newest album, ANGELIC VOICES, a truly spiritual and captivating experience.


With an early beginning in Berlin in 2007, when Nathalie Claude and Hans Fahling recorded tons and tons of vocal work over minimalist backdrops, the two set out to produce a very different, vocal-centered concept album. Initially planned as a wellness/relaxation album, the innate cinematic qualities of the music urged the composers to morph early incarnations into a score for Thomas Adamicka’s TV production “Unsere Grenzen”.

With the advent of Tremorland’s production music albums, the stage was finally set for this material to be fully produced and compiled along with works by Juliet Lyons and Megan Aho Heronemus to create a sonically stunning vocal experience in ANGELIC VOICES. Juliet contributed four pieces, two of which were co-written and co-produced with composer Chris Hellstrom. Megan’s vocal work can be heard on three pieces, produced by Hans Fahling. ANGELIC VOICES will stun the listener with its ethereal beauty and, for the viewer, will set the stage for bliss, drama and suspense.

To license music from this album, enter music library here. Listen to snapshots here.