Big News! TREMORLAND recently signed a co-publishing agreement with FLAVORLAB Producer's Toolbox and is very excited to become a sub-label of the NYC-based music library. FLAVORLAB is an award-winning media company that aims to deliver emotional audio experiences. Its publishing division has worked with brands such as Viacom, Jo Malone, VICE, MAC Cosmetics and more. TREMORLAND will remain self-contained but now has the benefits of joining a much larger publishing entity.


Publishing Partners

Tremorland becomes sub-label of NYC based music library FLAVORLAB Producer's Toolbox.

The partnership includes access to Flavorlab's vast catalog of production music gems, should the need for music by a visual production require something other than/more than what can be found in the Tremorland catalog. It also includes support from their team of music supervisors who will pitch TREMORLAND’s tracks for new placement opportunities. We, at TREMORLAND, are excited to be part of this offering now - a growing, new addition to something huge.