New Album REFLECTIONS Released to Industry

Tremorland reased their newest album, REFLECTIONS, to the industry today. This instrumental collection


can be described as containing "... works that are evocative and introspective, but uplifting, with interesting and different instrumentation, perfect for advertising, drama and podcasts..." The Tremorland team is proud to be able to feature work by Bartosch McCarthy, Andy Gabrys, Martin Kirkhaug, Chris Chorney and Hans Fahling. The project has really turned into an international affair as this roster of composers represents talents from Norway, Canada, Germany and the USA. The album's instrumentation reflects dreams of Americana, South America, The Far East - while always pertaining to the collective goal of conjuring up cinematic visions, just perfect for storytelling. Many thanks to the collaborating composers for their amazing work for this album! Listen to REFLECTIONS here!