Tremorland Music is announcing a filmmaker challenge

with the prize of winning two months of a free subscription to a select part of the Tremorland Music Library.

Competitors will pick any of the following ten musical pieces at full length (or several in form of available cutdowns of 60 and 30 seconds). Put together a film of beauty by letting the music inspire the imagery! The top twenty winning entries will receive each a two months subscription to a select part of the Tremorland Music Library - over 100 tracks to choose from. The winning films will be featured on the Tremorland Music website and social channels.

No entree fees of any kind to enter this competition and to participate.

Here is the list of musical tracks available for the competition:

Get in touch, please, to register for this challenge and to be able to download full resolution versions of the music tracks you choose.
Submission deadline for this film maker challenge is August 25, 2019.


* Sign up by August 20, 2019, submit work by August 25, 2019
* display title of musical pieces used (up to 10 to choose from) and composers in credits
* minimum length of 2 minutes for submitted film/clip/video (not including credits)
* max length of 4 minutes (not including credits).


* Top 20 entries win two months of free usage of a select part of the Tremorland Music Library.

* The complete Tremorland Music Library catalog is open for preview; only works within the advertised, select part of the library can be used for free, if registered as used tracks with Tremorland Music licensing directors during those two months. 

* It is not allowed to simply download all musical works within the accessible, select part of the Tremorland Music Library. Rather, it is allowed to experiment with any of those tracks for current visual projects during the time of those two months available. If any tracks are used for visual productions during that same time frame, the tracks in question can be used without sync fees.

* Cue sheets of music used need to be submitted as usual and Tremorland Music will then issue licensing contracts that state the license provided.

* The period of two months of free access to the select part of the Tremorland Music Library can be set by the winning filmmaker but has to commence within one year of winning. In other words, once selected as a winning entry, a film’s creator has the choice of setting the earned two months period at the beginning of the year, or at the end of the year or at any uninterrupted two months within the 12 months of winning the challenge prize.

All videos are required to comply with the following rules:

1. The video cannot be more than two (2) minutes in length (excluding credits).

2. The video has to state titles of music tracks used as well as names of composers.

3. The video may not include images of a known celebrity,

famous or well-known person, or any image that violates the

right of privacy or publicity of any person.

4. The video cannot depict illegal activity and cannot itself be in violation of any law.

5. The video cannot communicate messages or images of hate and/or intolerance.

6. The video cannot be obscene or offensive, endorse any form of hate or hate group, or be derogatory to any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional, or age group.

7. The video cannot defame, misrepresent, or contain disparaging remarks about people or companies.

8. The video cannot contain materials displaying copyrighted images, names, likenesses, photographs, or anything else that identifies any person, living or dead, without permission.

9. Materials, products, and other objects used in the video should have their brand names obscured.

10. The video cannot contain any identifiable background images (posters, logo shirts, objects with brand names, identifiable brand products, etc.).

11. If the video is taken by a third party, then you must have secured all rights and clearances to the video from the third party.

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